6 Important Things to do Before Your Next Relationship or Next True love

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Quote of the day:

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection.”

I know it can very draining to say least to think about what to do next for your new relationship after you've experienced heartbreak or things didn't work as planned but guess what ?

We become better human beings and we find ourselves again and again which makes the experience so feel liberated and you feel new again!!

The top things I recommenced for you to do before your next step into love again is as follows

1. Build self-esteem

Many of us recognize that it's a very important valuable lesson in anyones life to have a good self-esteem and self worth.

When our self worth and self esteem is to floor we cant seem to love ourselves so how do we expect to love others ?

Building self-esteem is important When we learn to love ourselves. The key then is to challenge and adjust these negative thoughts into more positive ones.

When our self-esteem is higher, we also have less chances of getting anxiety. We also release less cortisol in our bloodstreams when we are under a lot of stress and it becomes less likely to trigger our system.

That is why it's very important to keep your self- worth and self- esteem at its highest level because it will be good for your overall body and mind.

2. Don't act desperate

( Ways To Get Him To Chase You (And Not Come Off As Desperate)

When you start seeing someone else we want to make sure that he is into you as much as you are into him. so that there's no games from the beginning and you handle things the right way.

You want both of you to give each other attention but the RIGHT attention so nothing later on gets thrown in your face that one person is acting more than the other.

The main problem with playing any games is that you end up doing most of the work.

You never want to look very desperate or that you are dying over that person.

He needs to know that you have your own schedule and your own things going for yourself as well.

If you look needy that is very unattractive.

Make him put in some work and use your womanly charm to your advantage.

3. Charm him with confidence

Charm him the right way you don't have to over do it. But just show him you have things going for yourself just like he does. Remember one thing you are both IMPORTANT nobody is better than anyone.

You shouldn't go around bragging about how great your new job is going or posting a million gym body pictures of yourself but just be normal and show him you have things going for yourself and you are working on your own dreams.

News!! You don't need to have the best job or the coolest job ever. or think about having the best super model body there is will finally make you feel at best, no.. You need to be happy with yourself completely.

Things don't have to be perfect neither are you required to have the best living condo in the world.

Things like that don’t make you confident. It’s how you feel about those things that translate into real confidence.

That comfort in yourself will radiate outwards and be a super magnet to guys around you.

4.Stay busy and value your time

Focus on the bigger picture.

One of main points that we should all focus on is valuing your time & space.

We get so focused on connecting with the wrong people sometimes we lose track of our precious time. To truly make sure you stay focused on the bigger picture in your life ask yourself what are my main goals behind my life and dreams. What would I not regret from this years down the line. What are my main priorities ? what makes my heart truly skip a beat. Focus on what makes you everyday feel filled with joy instead of filling it with nonsense. And lastly ask yourself before bed each day would i regret this every morning and live by that -

Answering these questions gives your life truly a purpose behind it all. And when you feel that you have purpose, you’ll become even more motivated to focus and do everything you can to reach your maximum potential.

5.Let others know that your time is valuable.

We all need to take our time to do things we love because that will show the next person that you have your own life going and that you take the time to enjoy your own activities day to day. Don’t show off too much either but just be casual and let them know when you are busy as well.

6. Put yourself first, always

Spend your time wisely.

when you have free time, it should be spent on activities that are valuable, help you grow as a person or work toward your goals. For example: spending quality time with your loved ones, reading, learning a new skill, exercising, volunteering, organizing your office, updating your finances, or preparing for the week by laying out your clothes or prepping meals.

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