5 steps to have a positive morning routine

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Remember that your morning sets the tone for your day


“Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

The start of each morning is the most important time of your day.

The way you start each morning is the reflection of how you will feel the rest of the day going on. I will go ahead and give you guys 7 steps that have helped me truly start each day the right way and have a better balance with my morning routine.

The most important thing about each day is the motivation you wake up with.

You need to wake up ready to start your day and master it!!

yes master your kick ass day

Below I will add different things that I believe are important

1. Wake up on time each day

The most successful people have a specific Time frame where they work on everything they need to do. It’s very important to start each day bright and early because you can actually get more things done.

Make a habit to wake up every morning at least 2 hours before leaving the house or starting to work or do anything.

Make sure you are at least sleeping 7 to 8 hours everyday which is very important for your everyday clarity.

2. Get direct sunlight

What I love to do each morning and I highly recommend is each morning walk around to with some coffee or hot tea whichever you drink and feel the direct light shining at you In the morning.

3. Rehydrate

Drinking enough water truly has to be your main focus in the morning as your daily routine. After the whole night without water our bodies are dehydrated the following day. It's a key element to our bodies that we feed it enough water each day. If you wake up feeling bad in the morning that can be a symptom of mild dehydration, which is not good.

It's very important to drink at least 2


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