Make money in as little as 5 mins from the comfort of your home

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Do you wish to have more free time but don’t know where to start ?

Well I am going to help you with tip and ticks on jobs that allow you to work from home or anywhere in the world as long as you have something to offer them like your talent or time.


Fiver is one the largest marketplaces on the internet right now to sell services. You can offer your services of any kind starting at $5 to 1500 a gig.

Fiver is one of the many that offer a potential to find full time freelancer work on the internet.

They offer services like graphince design web design writing proofreading coding and much more

This website accepts Pay-pay account to send a receive payments so no need to worry at all about your money coming in or out.


pay range: $5 - 1500 a gig

2. Survey Junkie

Survery junkie is one of the most popular savers platforms on the internet today

with more than 5 million active users and top star rating.

This company pays its users for completing easy, short and very simple surveys every day. You can pocket $3 - $75 per survey. Once you reach each threshold you can withdraw your earnings.


pay range: $3 - $75 per survey


This app allows the user to get paid to watch videos, play video games, take surveys and shop online. This is the best way to earn extra cash by doing daily activities through the app.

Sign up now and get a $5 instant sign up bonus after confirmation. Use the below links to join.


pay range: $5 - $25 +

4.Vindale Research:

This company pays each user to take different surveys by taking each paid survey each users

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